Poland Expels 45 Russian Diplomats as Suspected Spies

    Image copyright: AP

    The Facts

    • Poland ordered the expulsion of 45 Russian diplomats on Wed. after its internal security service, the ABW, accused them of using their diplomatic status to spy in the country.

    • Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski confirmed the move via Twitter after the ABW sent the list to the Foreign Ministry and called for the expulsions earlier in the day.

    The Spin

    Anti-Russia narrative

    Russia is violating the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations by giving diplomatic status to individuals working as intelligence officers in Poland. Given that Russia is a direct threat and has shown what it's capable of in Ukraine, these measures are necessary.

    Pro-Russia narrative

    These are ordinary diplomatic staff carrying out routine trade and diplomatic functions. The allegation that these individuals are spies is baseless.

    Establishment split



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