Putin Critic Navalny Sentenced to 9 More Years In Prison

Image copyright: Reuters [via The New York Times]

The Facts

  • Jailed Russian opposition leader and Putin critic Alexei Navalny was sentenced to 9 yrs in a high-security prison on Tues. after being convicted of fraud and contempt of court by a Moscow judge.

  • The conviction stemmed from allegations that he'd embezzled funds from his own anti-corruption foundation. Russian authorities banned the organization as "extremist" last year.

The Spin

Anti-Russia narrative

Navalny's arrest and the new charges are politically-motivated and are part of a sweeping and historic crackdown on human rights and democracy advocates under an authoritarian regime.

Pro-Russia narrative

Navalny is a stooge who was being used by Western intelligence agencies to further their interests in Russia, including potentially efforts to bring about regime change.

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