Myanmar Shadow Gov't Leader: 2K Dead Fighting Junta

Image copyright: Facebook/Acting President Duwa Lashi La [via The Diplomat]

The Facts

  • The head of Myanmar's parallel civilian National Unity Government (NUG), Duwa Lashi La, told the Reuters NEXT conference on Thursday that at least 2K pro-democracy fighters have been killed confronting Myanmar's military junta. He pleaded for allies to provide military assistance.

  • Duwa Lashi La claimed that pro-NUG armed groups, known as People's Defense Forces, have killed some 20K junta troops but are out-gunned by an army allegedly equipped by China, India, and Russia.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

Regional stakeholders such as ASEAN and China have sought to smooth things over to ensure peace and stability in Myanmar, but Western support for armed resistance and political extremist action have bolstered pro-NUG militants to descend the country onto the brink of a civil war. Myanmar is in chaos, and the NUG's calls for revolution will only make it worse.

Pro-establishment narrative

The UN and ASEAN have tried and failed to change the military junta's bloodthirsty behavior that has caused more than 2.4K civilian deaths and atrocious crimes against humanity since its disastrous coup in February 2021. Since there will be no sustainable peace while this illegitimate, corrupt regime remains in power, it's time for the US and its allies to unequivocally support the popular resistance movement.

Establishment split



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