Mich. Abortion Rights Initiative to Appear in Nov. Ballot

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The Facts

  • In a 5-2 ruling on Thurs., the Mich. Supreme Court ordered a citizen-initiative ballot measure that seeks to enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution be added to the Nov. ballot.

  • This ruling was certified by the state's board of canvassers Fri. morning, and means that voters will be allowed to weigh in on the question of abortion rights in the state.

The Spin

Right narrative

This initiative, along with the judge's ruling, are obvious attempts to reinstate Roe v. Wade in Michigan. Judge Gleicher's bias came into play, as she's reported to be a regular donor to Planned Parenthood. By going against the ruling of SCOTUS it's clear that left-leaning agendas were part of the equation in these decisions.

Left narrative

These recent decisions are critical victories to secure reproductive rights in Michigan in a post-Roe v. Wade environment. This will bring the state closer to protecting a woman's right to choose and ensuring the continuity of healthcare - striking down the archaic 1931 law is just and necessary.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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