Marchers Protest Alleged Greek "Pushback" Following 19 Migrant Deaths

    Image copyright: AP [via ABC News]

    The Facts

    • This past weekend saw hundreds protest in Athens and Istanbul against the alleged "pushback" of migrants and refugees trying to enter Greece.

    • This comes after 19 migrants were found frozen to death in Turkey near the Greek border last week.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    This tragedy is mainly Greece's fault: pushing back asylum seekers by Greek thugs is illegal and a severe human rights abuse. The EU -- which has consistently turned a blind eye to the matter -- is weak and inhumane. More must be done to protect the oppressed.

    Narrative B

    This tragedy is mainly Turkey's fault: it's exploiting the current refugee crisis for political gain, and has tremendous responsibility for managing migration flows.This is about slandering Greece in front of the EU. Migrants and refugees spill out of Turkey because of Ankara's own internal political and economic issues.

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