Liz Truss Appointed UK PM

Image copyright: Pool Photo/AP [via Al Jazeera]

The Facts

  • Liz Truss officially became the UK's new PM on Tues., following a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle. She delivered an address to the nation, in which she emphasized tax cuts and reform, energy security and the Ukraine war, and improving access to national health services.

  • Outgoing PM Boris Johnson's tenure formally ended during his audience with the Queen - the meeting took place shortly before the monarch asked Truss to form a government.

The Spin

Right narrative

The UK's incoming PM has been nothing but dutiful and committed to her party since she entered politics. Now she is ready to lead from the front with an assured, ideologically conservative mandate. Truss represents a kind of change and flexibility that will serve her well in her new role.

Left narrative

Liz Truss may be a committed small-state ideologue, but what the UK currently needs is government intervention to help people and businesses through an unprecedented period of hardship. There is a significant chance that this Conservative's premiership will rely on the Labour Party's ideology of state interventionism.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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