Indiana: Doctor Investigated for Child Rape Victim Abortion

    Image copyright: AP [via Politico]

    The Facts

    • On Wed., Indiana's Attorney General (AG) announced plans to investigate a doctor who performed a recent abortion on a 10-year-old rape victim. He said they will review Dr. Caitlin Bernard's licensure, as well as whether she correctly reported the procedure to authorities.

    • The victim, who was six and a half weeks pregnant, had traveled from Ohio to Indiana to receive the procedure after an Ohio law banning abortions as early as six weeks took effect following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    This awful situation is a direct consequence of the repeal of Roe v. Wade. Not only are patients being forced to cross state lines in order to access abortions - as predicted by abortion rights groups - but the GOP is now targeting those who do. The doctor involved provided vital medical care to a traumatized victim, and shouldn't be scrutinized for it.

    Right narrative

    This is a deeply disturbing case, and the state is doing its due diligence by investigating. The doctor - who has even been accused of failing to immediately report the case - has been a long-time pro-abortion advocate. Rather than using this case as a political weapon, we should let authorities conduct their investigation and focus on bringing the perpetrator to justice.

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