Huge Antarctic Iceberg Reaches South Georgia Island

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The Facts

  • A massive Antarctic iceberg dubbed "A68A" that broke off from the Larsen Ice Shelf in 2017 has now reached the island of South Georgia in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • During three months, the melting iceberg has added about 167 billion tons of fresh water into the ocean--the equivalent of 61 million Olympic-size swimming pools.

The Spin

Narrative A

We are in a dire climate emergency. If we continue to ignore global warming more iceberg break-offs will happen, dumping large amounts of water into the ocean. This will ultimately impact ecosystems and coastlines across the globe.

Narrative B

Thanks to climate change, an innovative race for resources might begin in Antarctica. Maybe prospecting biotech companies can find a cancer cure, or an iceberg can end a nation's drought! The question is, how do we govern this new economic competition in our warming world?

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