Hillary Clinton Speaks at NY State Dem Convention

    Hillary Clinton Speaks at NY State Dem Convention
    Image copyright: New York Post

    The Facts

    • Hillary Clinton returned to the spotlight on Thurs. when she addressed the NY State Democratic Convention and formally endorsed Kathy Hochul's campaign for a full term as governor.

    • This has sparked renewed speculation that she may attempt a third bid for the White House.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Comback time? Although Clinton hasn't given any clear indication if she intends to run for president, with Biden's old age and low approval ratings and Harris' unpopularity, a return would be welcome.

    Narrative B

    Harris and Biden's numbers at this stage may be poor, but so are Clinton's . This shows that Democrat voters want new choices and the party is in chaos. Meanwhile, the GOP seems ready to galvanize around Trump.

    Pro-Trump narrative

    Clinton sounded a lot like a presidential candidate in her speech, and that's great news for Trump. According to a recent poll, if she makes another run for the presidency Trump would beat her by 10 points.

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