Herschel Walker a No-Show at GOP Debate

    Image copyright: WDUN [via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

    The Facts

    • Former UGA football standout Herschel Walker, now a Republican candidate for a GA Senate seat, reportedly missed the first GOP primary debate on Sat.

    • He said he had a scheduling conflict because he attended the Horatio Alger Award ceremony in DC that morning.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Walker has lied repeatedly and extensively about his credentials, and has been credibly accused of domestic violence. He is an utterly unfit candidate, who is unable to even fake competency. It's unsurprising that his campaign team has worked hard to keep him out of the public eye.

    Republican narrative

    With a comfortable lead in the polls, why should Walker give his Republican opponents a chance to attack him and provide ammunition for the Democrats in the general election? Plus, there's no way Walker would get a fair shake from mainstream media moderators.

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