GOP Senator Inhofe Retires

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    The Facts

    • Oklahoma's Senator Jim Inhofe says he will retire before his six-year term is up, having held the seat since 1994.

    • As per Oklahoma law, the Governor must call a special election if a lawmaker announces their retirement before March 1st of any year.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    This will provide a new generation of leadership the opportunity to serve. It will be a crowded field but Holland is an excellent candidate who will leverage bold, young leadership in his first-time run, as he emphasizes being strong on defense, skeptical of climate change, opposing abortion, and resisting socialism.

    Democratic narrative

    Unfortunately, the political landscape is unlikely to change. There's very little chance of Democrats making any election gains - as no Democrat has won a statewide office since 2006 - and Holland is more of the same, in both policy and unfounded beliefs.

    Political split



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