Georgia Reinstates 6 Week Abortion Ban

Image copyright: Shutterstock [via The Wall Street Journal]

The Facts

  • On Wednesday, the Georgia Supreme Court reinstated the state's six-week abortion ban, reversing last week's ruling from a lower court that declared the restriction unconstitutional.

  • On Nov. 15, a Fulton County Superior judge ruled that the ban was unlawful as it was enacted in 2019 when the prevailing law of Roe v. Wade protected abortion access nationwide.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Although the decision to overturn Roe gave the power over abortion to the states, many of these trigger bans and abortion restrictions violate state constitutions and infringe on women's rights to bodily autonomy. It's absolutely necessary for judges to step in and block these bans.

Republican narrative

These trigger laws and restrictions were all legally voted on and implemented by their states' respective legislatures under the caveat that they would take effect if Roe were overturned. It's now the duty of state officials to enforce them. Opponents are free to challenge them, but they're in for a tough fight that they will inevitably lose.

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