Four Killed After Stabbing Attack in Southern Israel

    Image copyright: AP Photo [via Al Jazeera]

    The Facts

    • A Palestinian man with Israeli citizenship carried out a stabbing attack on Tues. that killed four people in the southern Israeli city of Beershaba, resulting in him being shot and killed by an armed bystander.

    • Police stated that the attacker hit a biker with his car and stabbed five people across the city center.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    This horrific attack is but the latest example of a fanatical Arab terrorist killing Israeli civilians. While this shouldn't be used to condemn the whole of Bedouin society, Israel must respond with a heavy hand.

    Narrative B

    This attack is a tragedy, but one cannot ignore the context in which it occured. Southern Israel has been a hotbed of discrimination and displacement of Bedouins, which has led to some members of the community seeing no other way to resist.

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