Florida Gov. Signs 15-Week Abortion Ban Into Law

    Image copyright: Reuters [via PBS]

    The Facts

    • A bill banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy was signed into law by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday.

    • The ban will allow exemptions to save a mother's life, prevent serious injury or if the fetus has a fatal abnormality, but not in cases of rape, incest or human trafficking.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    This undermines the rights of women to decide what happens to their bodies. Not only does the threat of Roe v. Wade being overturned mean access to reproductive rights may be eroded, but advocacy groups have warned that this legislation will hit marginalized communities, including Black and Latino residents, hardest.

    Right narrative

    DeSantis is defending the rights of those who can't defend themselves. The legislation will give all children an opportunity and includes provisions for protecting the safety of the mother when pregnancy poses a risk to their life.

    Political split



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