Flores Allegedly Refused to Sign NDA When Fired From Dolphins

    Image copyright: Adrian Kraus/AP [via The Washington Post]

    The Facts

    • Brian Flores has claimed that when he left his role as a head coach for the Miami Dolphins, he refused an offer of a large payment for signing a non-disclosure agreement.

    • The Dolpins have issued a statement denying the team's owner, Stephen Ross, presented him with an NDA.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    This will not end well for anyone. Flores has been throwing extreme allegations at the NFL and Stephen Ross that will be nearly impossible to erase even if they're found innocent. So far, his claims have been unsubstantiated.

    Left narrative

    Flores is making serious claims of racist and unethical conduct that warrant further investigation. Tweets from his lawyers clearly suggest that the team tried to make him sign an NDA to silence him.

    Political split



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