Fauci: COVID Measures "Pretty Strong" Around Biden at Superspreader Dinner

    Image copyright: Getty Images/Axios

    The Facts

    • On Sun., Dr. Anthony Fauci indicated that COVID protocols were "pretty strong" to protect Biden at the Gridiron Dinner - an event which may have led to the infection of ~70 people including House Speaker Pelosi and NYC Mayor Eric Adams. Fauci suggested that life now involves individual decisions about daily risks from the virus.

    • Fauci also urged the passage of $10B in congressional COVID funding. The measure may be decided later in the month due to discussions over immigration policy.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Enough is enough. It's unfathomable that Fauci is even toying with the idea of restrictions again. He's a petty tyrant with only one tool in his toolbox: authoritarian restrictions.

    Left narrative

    There's reason for optimism, but we'll just have to stay tuned. Congressional Republicans irresponsibly blocked pandemic support from Biden's budget, which makes it tough for any additional boosters to be free to the public if they're ever needed.

    Progressive narrative

    BA.2 is silently hurtling the globe towards catastrophe. Socially-accepted terms like "endemic" and "new normal" are disingenuous as the pandemic rolls into yet another deadly surge. Public health has been cast aside to serve the selfish interests of the ruling elite.

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