ESPN Anchor Sues Network on Free Speech Grounds

    Image copyright: ESPN Images [via USA Today]

    The Facts

    • On Thu., ESPN anchor Sage Steele filed a lawsuit against the network and its parent company, Disney, for allegedly violating her freedom of speech by penalizing for comments she made on a podcast.

    • Last year, Steele denounced vaccine mandates as "sick" and also questioned former Pres. Obama's choice to identify as black - rather than biracial - on former NFL player Jay Cutler's "Uncut" podcast.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    While Steele is entitled to her opinions, it doesn't mean that she should say whatever she wants without accountability. Steele represents ESPN and has a duty to uphold its image.

    Right narrative

    Steele is rightly standing up for her freedom of speech. ESPN unfairly punished her due to a faulty understanding of comments that had no interference with her performance or working relationship with the company.

    Political split



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