CT Bill Creates Refuge for Abortion Patients, Providers

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The Facts

  • On Fri., Connecticut (CT) lawmakers passed a bill to protect abortion providers and receivers from out-of-state abortion lawsuits.

  • HB 5414 passed the Senate 25-9 after it cleared the House in a bipartisan vote 87-60 in April. It now moves to Gov. Ned Lamont for his expected signature.

The Spin

Right narrative

This is an attempt to give refuge to abortionists who break the law in their own state. This could bring legal challenges in the future as it effectively allows Connecticut to bypass the legislations of another state.

Left narrative

This is a justified response to the draconian abortion bans that are intensifying across the nation. It is a novel approach that protects abortion rights and keeps bans within state borders.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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