CNN President Resigns over Romantic Relationship

Image copyright: Getty Images [via Axios]

The Facts

  • CNN president Jeff Zucker resigned on Wednesday after a nine-year tenure, citing an undisclosed romantic relationship with a colleague that violated company policy.

  • Zucker's relationship with CNN executive VP Allison Gollust came to light during an internal investigation of former CNN host Chris Cuomo.

The Spin

Narrative A

Zucker was a remarkable boss and man, and his consensual relationship with another adult is just a thinly veiled pretext for his dismissal. It's far more likely WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar was pursuing a personal vendetta, or was worried keeping him would give Cuomo ammunition in his lawsuit.

Narrative B

Zucker is not the upstanding man they'll have you believe -- CNN's ratings took a dive under his guidance, he had conflicts of interest with the Cuomo brothers and he violated many tenets of journalistic ethics, breaching the public's trust in CNN. The real question is why he wasn't dismissed sooner.

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