Testing, Lockdowns in Beijing After "Ferocious" COVID Outbreak

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    The Facts

    • 3.5M residents of Beijing are being tested for COVID, following ~200 new cases that were linked to a popular liquor store and bar in the city's central district. ~10K close contacts are also in lockdown as of Mon.

    • A local government spokesperson characterized the outbreak as "ferocious." Businesses have also shut down in the area near the outbreak, and school classes - except for those taking high school and middle school placement exams - have moved online.

    The Spin

    Anti-China narrative

    China needs to wake up from its zero-COVID nightmare. While almost the entire world is learning to live with the virus, China's rigid policy has been a burden on personal freedoms and the economy. Beijing needs to adjust its messaging, embrace mRNA vaccines, and utilize anti-viral treatments to navigate a safe reopening.

    Pro-China narrative

    China has made hard-fought achievements against COVID, and they must be sustained to protect the most vulnerable. It's vital to rapidly stamp out any outbreaks to ensure the virus is both manageable and controllable. There are many public health tools in play to support the PRC's successful dynamic zero-COVID efforts.

    Establishment split



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