Canada's "Freedom Convoy" Organizers Face New Charges

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    The Facts

    • "Freedom Convoy" organizers Tamara Lich, Chris Barber, and Pat King face several new charges after appearing in court on Mar. 24.

    • Both Lich and Barber were arrested on Feb. 17. Barber was released on bail the following day, but Lich was held until Mar. 7. King has remained in custody since his arrest on Feb. 18.

    The Spin

    Left narrative

    The "Freedom Convoy" represented a grab bag of right-wing grievances. It was a circus of anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, Trudeau haters, and far-right conspiracy theorists. Leading members of this convoy calamity must be singled out and punished accordingly.

    Right narrative

    The "Freedom Convoy" was the most successful human rights protest in a generation. Working class people stood up to elitist and authoritarian COVID policies. These were not "insurrectionists" or "Neo-Nazis"--this was an organic blue collar movement. The fact that those who challenged tyrannical policies could face prison time is a clear indication that Canada is becoming a dictatorship of the worst kind.

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