Boris Johnson Set to Face Commons Inquiry

    Image copyright: Reuters [via PBS]

    The Facts

    • The committee of privileges will investigate whether UK PM Boris Johnson knowingly misled parliament over lockdown parties in Downing Street, it was confirmed on Thursday.

    • Although the motion was initiated by the opposition Labour Party, it passed after the government ditched efforts to convince Conservative MPs to block it.

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Johnson needs to resolve this row if Conservatives are to have any chance at recovering their reputation before the upcoming local elections. Party unity is crucial, and the PM is realizing how much he needs the support of his MP allies.

    Left narrative

    Johnson's position hangs by a thread. The Tories are in despair over the PM's leadership, as indignation grows over the incompetence and dispassion he flaunted during this crisis. He can no longer rely on the support of his own party.

    Narrative C

    Now is not the right or responsible time for Johnson to go. The UK and the rest of Europe face an international crisis over Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Though a change of leader would be appropriate under normal circumstances, the UK can't risk appointing a lame-duck PM at such a grave moment.

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