BLM Activist Charged With Attempted Murder of Mayoral Candidate

    Image copyright: Louisville Metro Dept. of Corrections [via The Daily Beast]

    The Facts

    • University of Louisville student and BLM activist, Quintez Brown, has been charged with attempting to murder Louisville mayoral candidate, Craig Greenberg.

    • Brown, who also faces four counts of wanton endangerment, allegedly walked into Greenberg's office and fired several shots; no one was injured.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    Brown was an exceptional student, activist and leader, poised to truly make a difference in his community. His shocking turn to violence can only be explained by mental health issues and perhaps drastic events in his personal life.

    Narrative B

    This is but the latest example of political activists taking their grievances to violent extremes; Brown is a product of the influences he's exposed himself to. As a society, we must wake up from this alternate reality where violence is accepted -- if not condoned -- as long as the causes are deemed justified.

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