Biden Expected to Announce Increased Regulation of "Ghost Guns"

Image copyright: AP/Haven Daley [via Fox News]

The Facts

  • Biden is due to announce a fresh DoJ rule subjecting manufacturers of "ghost gun" kits to the same restrictions as firearm manufacturers, in an effort to curb the proliferation of untraceable firearms.

  • Ghost guns are assembled from kits and can be put together in as little as half an hour. The rule would apply to ready-to-assemble kits as well as 3D printed guns.

The Spin

Right narrative

This rule change is backed by some of America's most prominent far-left activists and will encroach on the constitutional gun rights of US citizens, especially the long-held practice of consumers legally assembling firearms.

Left narrative

Untraceable ghost guns have been used in an escalating number of shootings in the US. The DoJ must act quickly to regulate the manufacturing process and pass the legislation needed to protect Americans from gun crime.

Political split



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