Trudeau Ends Emergency Powers Invoked to Quell Protests

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The Facts

  • Canadian PM Trudeau on Wednesday revoked the use of the Emergencies Act used to quell protests against COVID mandates, which had brought Ottawa and several border crossings to a standstill since late January.

  • This comes after Ottawa police on Saturday declared the vast majority of the three-week 'Freedom Convoy' protests extinguished.

The Spin

Narrative A

The protesters represent a minority view and they used a campaign of intimidation, a hallmark of terrorism. The blockade posed a real threat to Canada's economy; it was both necessary and justified for Trudeau to evoke emergency powers.

Narrative B

The use of emergency powers to silence dissent was a clear attack on freedom and liberty. The Ottawa authorities met civil rights activism with police brutality. This is a dark moment in the history of Canada.

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